Meet the Team

Senior Administration

Jean Brugniau, Head of School (2010 – Present)

Jean Brugniau holds a Master’s Degree in Education (Curriculum, Measurement, Evaluation and Information Technology) from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics and a French Baccalaureate – Section Mathématiques. He is certified as a School Principal and Supervisory Officer for the Ontario Ministry of Education (Canada). During his career, he held the positions of teacher and administrator in several educational institutions in France and in Canada. Before Joining ASM, he held the position of Headmaster at Toronto French School for 13 years.

Mouad Tijani, Assistant Head (2008 – Present)

Mouad Tijani has an undergraduate degree in Education from Roger Williams University.  He is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Advanced International Baccalaureate Studies at George Mason University.  Mouad is also an alumnus of the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program.

Jason Bono, High School Principal (2016 – Present)

Jason Bono has 13 years experience as a school administrator and teacher in the United States and abroad. These experiences include serving as Head of School at an international school in Costa Rica, where he oversaw the successful application for candidacy for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). He earned his bachelor’s degree in English literature with honors from Drew University and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the Principal Leadership Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. His approach to education is founded on the importance of respectful relationships and effective communication.

Ryan Hetzer, Middle School Principal (2008 – Present)

Ryan graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. Seven years later, he obtained a Master’s in Educational Administration from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. Ryan has 11 years teaching experience and now six years administration experience at ASM . Mr. Hetzer is also  basketball coach at ASM.

Danielle Lewerenz, Lower School Principal (2012 – Present)

Danielle Lewerenz hails from the Great Lakes State of Michigan.  She graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in History and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology.  She spent 8 years in an office honing her administration skills but fell in love with teaching during the three years she spent teaching English in Japan.  Never one to sit still for long, she obtained her teaching license from George Mason University, packed her suitcase and spent two years teaching first grade at ASM.

Jasna Finlay, Curriculum Coordinator (2014 – Present)

Ms. Finlay is ASM’s Curriculum Coordinator.  She hails from Ontario, Canada and has 20 years of international and Canadian public school experience as both an educator and an administrator.  She has an undergraduate degree in English, teaching license from Ontario, and has just finished a master’s degree in Integrated Studies.  Outside of degrees, Ms. Finlay has presented a variety of workshops at leading conferences, and has attended workshops throughout the world on curriculum & instruction, leadership, and the accreditation process.   Curriculum, the accreditation process, and the teaching-learning paradigm are professional passions of Ms. Finlay and she has been committed to both for twenty years.  This is her 2nd posting as a Curriculum Coordinator at a pre-K through Grade 12 international school.  She is excited about helping our school gain MSA accreditation.

Other Administrative Contacts

Saloua El Ghozail, Human Resources Manager (2014 – Present)
Abderrahmane Lahmamsi, IT Coordinator (2012 – Present)
Malin Halladay, Head Librarian (2005 – Present)
Atika El Idrissi, Executive Assistant to the Head (2005 – Present)
Ymane El Ghirai, Upper School Administrative Assistant (2013 – Present)
Rachid Maatalla, Chief Accountant (2009 – Present)
Abdellah El Hatimi, Assistant Accountant (2010 – Present)
Hanane Iguidre, Admissions Officer (2008 – Present)
Fatima-Zohra Haddad, School Nurse (2011 – Present)
Aziz Takrimcha, Service Learning Liaison (2009 – Present)