Supporting ASM

If you wish to make a donation to ASM using your credit card, please click on the Donate Now button below. We thank you for your generous support.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible for U.S. citizens.

Most independent schools (those not subsidized by a government or a private company) rely on two primary sources of funding: Tuition fees paid by parents generate funds for the school’s operating budget (personnel, educational materials, daily functioning) and Donations provide funding for buildings and facilities, and any initiatives that reside outside of the basic program.


1.Renovation of existing facilities or building of new facilities

2.Equipment for enrichment programs in areas such as technology, science, the arts, etc.

3.Experimental or pilot programs in one area or another

4.Building of a reserve fund for scholarships or to help families who need assistance

Our school is no exception to this rule: tuition fees are for the operating budget of the school, and we have to rely on donations to make investments for the future, whether for new facilities, new programs or any other initiative outside of the core program.

Our Fundraising program will allow the school to fund major initiatives, including the renovation and upgrade of our facilities: currently, the Board is working with a well-known team of architects to draft a preliminary plan that will be presented to the community later.

Donors could contribute by:

Making a donation that will cover an entire project of their choice

Making a partial donation that will cover part of a project

Making a donation to the general fund, without assigning the funds to a specific project

Buying the equipment needed and donating it to the school

Offering the free services of their company to perform work

We will engrave our donor’s names on a plaque that will be permanently displayed in the building or on the school grounds, unless a donor chooses to remain anonymous.

Our partnership with the community is essential and we believe that together, we will achieve our goals and beyond.