Supporting ASM

Most independent schools (those not subsidized by a government or a private company) rely on two primary sources of funding: Tuition fees paid by parents generate funds for the school’s operating budget (personnel, educational materials, daily functioning) and Donations provide funding for buildings and facilities, and any initiatives that reside outside of the basic program.


  1. Renovation of existing facilities or building of new facilities
  2. Equipment for enrichment programs in areas such as technology, science, the arts, etc.
  3. Experimental or pilot programs in one area or another
  4. Building of a reserve fund for scholarships or to help families who need assistance

Our school is no exception to this rule: tuition fees are for the operating budget of the school, and we have to rely on donations to make investments for the future, whether for new facilities, new programs or any other initiative outside of the core program.

There are many ways to raise funds:

  1. The school may enter into a partnership with another institution (a university, a private company, etc.) that uses the school’s premises or existing equipment, and pays rent;
  2. Gifts provided by Alumni who have established their families and their careers;
  3. Gifts from parents or former parents in the community who may donate directly for specific projects, or organize fundraising events such as galas or auctions; or,
  4. Contributions from foundations and private companies to fund specific projects.

The Board of Directors is actively addressing the issue and will form a committee with the specific task of setting up a fundraising program. This is the procedure used by most schools similar to ours.

This Fundraising program will allow the school to fund major initiatives, including the renovation and upgrade of our facilities: For example, the Board asked a well-known Marrakech architect to draft a preliminary plan that will be presented to the community later.

However, developing a structured fundraising program will take time.  We would like to undertake several projects, albeit modest, that would have a significant and immediate impact on our students’ education.   After all, a child is in Grade 3 or 7 or 10 only once in his/her life, and we must do our utmost to ensure that these years are enjoyable, rewarding and successful!

The special projects we have been able to accomplish through the generous donations of some parents have a significant impact on daily operations. I would like to submit a list of other projects that could have a significant impact on our children but that cannot be accomplished without donations.

Donors could contribute by:

  • Making a donation that will cover an entire project of their choice
  • Making a partial donation that will cover part of a project
  • Making a donation to the general fund, without assigning the funds to a specific project
  • Buying the equipment needed and donating it to the school
  • Offering the free services of their company to perform work

To recognize our donors, we will engrave their names on a plaque that will be permanently displayed in the building or on the school grounds, unless a donor chooses to remain anonymous.

Our partnership with the community is essential and we believe that together, we will achieve our goals and beyond.

Initiatives for Funding

The following initiatives will have a significant impact on ASM’s improvement plans and on the quality of our programs.  Your help is of pivotal importance as we embrace a process of change, improvement and growth.

Section I: Information Technology & Resources

  1. Desktop Units for the Computer Lab
  2. Plato Software
  3. Rosetta Stone Software
  4. Projectors & Interactive white boards
  5. Multi-media Lab

Section II: Library Collections and Furniture

  1. English library books and magazines
  2. French and Arabic Books & Magazines
  3. Online Database and Books
  4. Furniture

Section III – Building Improvements

  1. Sound System for the Pierre Bergé Assembly Hall
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Play Structures for Kindergarten
  4. Sports facilities
  5. Heating / Cooling System
  6. Cafeteria

Section IV – Administrative Software

  1. School Management System

For more information on any of the above initiatives, please contact the School Head.
Our partnership with the community is essential and we believe that together, we will achieve our goals and beyond.