Parent Teacher Conference October 2019

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES / Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday, October 30th, 2019:

Welcome to the American School of Marrakesh parent-teacher conference scheduling system.

Please select your child’s class/teacher below. If you have difficulties signing up for a conference, please call our Front Desk at +212 (0) 524.329.860/61/62/63.

For instructions on how to sign-up for conferences with your children’s teachers, click on the following link.

Thank you.

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Outreach Club

The Outreach Club has had a fantastic year this year. Students have participated in several trash clean-ups around the city, started a Go Green Club which aims in creating a garden on campus, visited and worked several times with students at the Malaika Down’s syndrome centre. As we draw a close to this school year, the club’s leaders

would like to thank the community for their continued support and in making this year another success.

Next year the club has more activities planned and students will be informed of these at the start of the new school year. To keep up to date with all activities, students are encouraged to sign up to our Snapchat account – asmoutreach.



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Community Service Hours Registration Form

Dear Students,

The Service Learning Registration Form has been created to allow you to input and register your service learning hours obtained in ASM sponsored activities.

Once you have completed the form, your hours will be approved by the activity coordinator and then saved into your file. It is important that you register all the hours you have undertaken as these are declared on your transcript to colleges and are part of the requirements for graduating.


Registration Form

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The Pulse: A Monthly Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Please find attached our first newsletter issue.   This is a new initiative to strengthen communication between the School and the ASM Community.  In this monthly publication, we will be sharing with you updates on events and activities, topics of importance to the community, progress with regards to projects and initiatives, statistics, etc.  Our next issue will be a little more extensive and will feature a Student Voice section where we will welcome written contributions from students.

Happy Reading.

The Pulse – October 2017

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Student Activities Newsletter -Fall 2017 Edition

One of the committees within The Outreach Club is the Journalism Committee. Their role is to report on all Upper School student activities at ASM. They aim to produce a seasonal newsletter covering all the great initiatives taking place this year.

Fall Edition

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Textbooks for social studies, for all middle school students, will now be online accessible through the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt App.

Download instructions for students is accessible from here.

All textbook bundle codes will be provided to your child during their social studies lesson.

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Upper School Lunch Program

Dear Parents,

For the Upper School (incl. Middle School) lunch ordering system, details are outlined below.

Students and parents will be able to order lunch daily by phone or by email from the following suppliers:


Supplier Delivery Day Phone Number Email Address Deadline for Ordering Price per Meal (MAD)
Bearzatto Monday 0675 340 522 0614 290 051



Monday 9:00 am


50 MAD

Sandwich Factory  



05 24 43 24 81



Tuesday 9:00 am

Varies with selection
Katsura andBillys




06 13 43 93 77



Wednesday 9:00am


From 50 MAD






0524 49 37 76

0600 00 73 75

Website :



Thursday 9:00am







05 24 44 70 70


Friday 9:00am


50 MAD


To place your order, please contact the provider directly by email or telephone. Orders placed on the day of delivery have to be placed by telephone.

 If your child has food allergies, please do not enroll him or her in the program, as we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of the food s/he is allergic to in the dishes they offer.

 We hope that the service will address your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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