ASM in Brief

Our Educational Program

We are dedicated to providing a well-rounded, stimulating curriculum for students of all ages, and to preparing and encouraging our students to attend some of the best universities throughout the world.

Our Educational Program

The American School of Marrakesh is an independent, non-profit, co-educational, college preparatory day school. It offers a U.S. curriculum based on the AERO Standards (American Education Reaches Out) to both Moroccan and international students, from age 2 to grade 12. For Science, we follow the FOSS program at the Elementary level.

About 60% of our students come from local Moroccan families. 13% are French nationals, while Americans are at 11% of the general student population.  The remaining 16% of our students come from the UK, Canada, Spain and various other countries.

For the majority of our students, English is a second or a third language. They gradually learn their new language and are quickly able to study any subject in English.

Our focus on educating the “whole child” includes the teaching of values such as honesty, integrity, kindness, and responsibility. The development of respect for one’s self and others is a major goal for all members of the ASM school community. These values guide our efforts as educators and help our students to become true “global citizens”.

We hold high expectations for all students and we work with each child to help her/him grow and develop to his/her full potential.

The school is organized into two sections: Lower School (Grades PK-5); and Upper School (Grades 6-12).


Teaching Methodologies

ASM teachers use a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. In the lower grades, our homeroom teachers work closely with assistant teachers in order to meet the specific needs of individual students.

Classroom Resources

ASM is dedicated to providing teachers and students with the resources they need to deliver a high quality educational program.  Most textbooks and other educational materials are purchased from the United States.  Resources include e-text, hardcover textbooks, manipulatives, book collections, encyclopedias, online learning platforms, and advanced technology equipment & resources to deliver the School’s educational program.


The school collects and analyzes quantifiable and observable evidence of individual learning and growth from multiple reliable sources. Evidence of student learning is used to evaluate and improve curriculum effectiveness, instructional practices, professional development, and support services.

We use a variety of assessment methods to measure student learning and growth: oral questioning and discussions, debates, traditional paper/pencil examinations, tests, and quizzes, written assignments, homework, oral and visual presentations, projects, other forms of performance-based assessments, standardized tests at the middle and high school levels (American Mathematics Examination), PSAT Examination (Grade 10), SAT and SAT II Examinations (Grades 11 and 12).

We administer MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests to determine our students’ instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of Math, Reading and Language Usage.

Reporting Academic Progress

The school year is divided into two semesters of approximately 16 weeks each. All students and parents receive a report card each semester and two mid-term progress reports. We also hold two Parent/Teacher conferences per year and parents are welcome to make an appointment with their child’s teacher at anytime during the year.


The school is a wi-fi environment. All students, grades K-12, have access to the computer lab. Each class is equipped with a computer station and a projector, some of them are interactive. Our goal is to integrate technology into daily instruction.

Elective Classes for Secondary Students

Beginning in Grade 6, students are offered elective classes that allow them to pursue their interests and develop their individual talents. Students in grades 6-10 are currently offered art, music and computer classes, whereas students in grades 10 to 12 may also choose from additional classes that include: Business, Psychology, Art, Leadership, Journalism, International Relations or Physical Education. Plans are currently being made to broaden the elective offerings for all students.

Co-curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are offered to all students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. These activities take place on the ASM campus from 3:45 to 4:30, everyday of the week. These activities are specially designed to address the interests of students at each level.

Sample Program of Extracurricular Activities:


  • Debating
  • Drama
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Model United Nations
  • Robotics
  • Spanish Classes


  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Track and Field
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball


  • Arts & Crafts
  • Guitar
  • Dance
  • Yearbook


  • Chess
  • Outreach Activities
  • School Newspaper
  • Student Council
  • Service Learning

Sports at ASM

Students in Grades 6-12 are given the opportunity to participate in the following sports: Track and Field; Volleyball; Basketball; and Soccer. These sports are open to both girls and boys. The ASM Athletic Director organizes games and tournaments with both local schools and other institutions within Morocco.

Students in Grades 3-5 are also given the opportunity to represent their school through their participation in basketball and soccer games/tournaments.