Lower School Lunch Program

The Lower School is happy to provide two lunch options for students:

Supplier Amal Maison Olivier Bearzatto
Delivery Day Everyday Everyday
Phone Number Website contact please 06 65 18 58 69
Email Address //amalnonprofit.org/Make-a-reservation/ traiteur.bearzatto@gmail.com
Menu //amalnonprofit.org/menu/ Menus will be sent to parents ahead of time
Deadline for Ordering Prière de passer votre commande avant 17:00 AU PLUS TARD pour le jour qui suit. / Please reserve before 5:00 pm AT THE LATEST for next day delivery. 10:30 am on the day of delivery


Orders should be placed in advance, by contacting the provider directly. However, if you need assistance place contact the Lower School’s administrative assistant, Rachida El Malouly, by phone or in person.

If your child has food allergies, please do not enroll him or her in the program, as we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of the food s/he is allergic to in the dishes we offer.