Middle School Lunch Program

Students will be given the opportunity to buy lunch every day from the following suppliers: 

Supplier Delivery Day Phone Number Email Address Deadline for Ordering
Green is Better Monday 06 61 62 52 16 IZO.najah@gmail.com


Monday, 10:30 am
Pastaz by Catanzaro Tuesday 05 24 44 70 70 www.darkantzaro.com


Tuesday, 10:30
Sushi Store by Katsura and Billys Burger Wednesday 06 61 16 54 24 ssamiberrada@gmail.com


Wednesday, 10:30 am
Maison Olivier Bearzatto Thursday 06 65 18 58 69


traiteur.bearzatto@gmail.com Thursday, 10:30 am
TBD Friday  06 00 85 69 07  ingrid.bern@hotmail.fr  Friday, 10.30 am

Orders should be placed in advance, by contacting the provider directly by email or by phone. If you order on the day of delivery, orders have to be placed by phone or by contacting the school’s receptionist Ouafa Ait Bella, by phone or in person, before 10:30 am.

Food will be served from a booth placed near the Upper School gate, inside the campus.

Menus and prices will be posted near the booth. They will include salads, sandwiches, warm dishes, desert, drinks (water or fruit juice). As last year, a full meal will cost 50 Dirhams.

If your child has food allergies, please do not enroll him or her in the program, as we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of the food s/he is allergic to in the dishes we offer.