The American School of Marrakesh is a multicultural community of learners.

We offer an American-style education with a thorough grounding in the Liberal Arts, Sciences and Technology, and a highly competitive preparation for university acceptance around the world, especially American universities. Our students strive for mastery of English and fluency in Arabic and French.

Our mission is to foster excellence through critical thinking and creativity; build resilience and character; promote responsible, global citizenship; and encourage lifelong learning.


We believe that…

      • Providing a balanced education that emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving prepares students to be successful in university and beyond.
      • Setting high expectations and striving for excellence lead to higher achievement.
      • A healthy and safe learning environment is conducive to learning.
      • Independent and life-long learners are better prepared to adapt to an ever-changing world.
      • Cultivating students’ individual talents, interests and abilities enables them to make positive contributions to society.
      • Discovering and developing a wide range of learning skills and strategies increases student potential to succeed.
      • Developing good character prepares students to become caring and responsible citizens.
      • Parent involvement is key to student success.
      • A multilingual education fosters international mindedness.
      • Learning about cultures and celebrating diversity strengthen the community.
      • Sharing responsibility for the global community and environment is integral to good citizenship.
      • Successful organizations support their staff personally and professionally.

Profile of the Graduate

A Graduate of the American School of Marrakesh will…

      • demonstrate academic excellence by applying a wide range of skills and knowledge;
      • make reflective and analytical connections;
      • be able to set goals for his/her own learning;
      • self-reflect to adjust performance;
      • apply higher-order thinking skills;
      • maintain an active lifestyle;
      • develop the mindset and skills to actively participate in his/her community;
      • act with confidence and integrity;
      • work collaboratively and take responsibility for his/her own choices and actions;
      • demonstrate respect and appreciation for his/her own and other cultures and beliefs;
      • express ideas and information confidently and creatively across cultures and languages;
      • understand contemporary global issues;
      • be an active listener; and
      • be ready for higher education and beyond.

    ASM Goals

    To meet its Mission, ASM cultivates an educational environment based on four main principles:

    1. Striving toward academic excellence
    2. Developing individual potential
    3. Acting with good character
    4. Fostering a global perspective
      • We offer a core curriculum of arts and sciences taught in English;
      • We expect students to meet or exceed all AERO standards for each grade level;
      • We provide opportunities for advanced coursework to those students who are able to exceed the AERO standards;
      • We give the opportunity to all students to communicate effectively in Arabic and French and we expect Moroccan students to meet the Ministry of Education requirements;
      • We give the opportunity to students who are able and inclined to meet proficiency levels required to pursue higher education in French and/or Arabic;
      • We use technology to enhance teaching and learning;
      • We create a learning context that encourages students to generate and develop focused questions and methods of inquiry, and to explore and think critically; and
      • We expose students to a broad and balanced program to nurture their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development and to prepare them to become well-rounded individuals.
                    • We prepare students to become independent learners;
                    • We prepare students to become lifelong learners;
                    • We prepare students to develop and explore their individual academic and non-academic potential and interests; and
                    • We support students to reach their individual potential through differentiation.
                          • We encourage and inspire students to embody the pillars of good character so that they can apply them to all aspects of their lives. The pillars are: Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Caring, Fairness, Citizenship and Perseverance.
                          • We challenge students to develop resilience and persistence.
                          • We enable students to understand their own culture and broaden their perspective as they learn about and interact with other cultures;
                          • We enable students to communicate effectively in more than one language; and
                          • We raise awareness and foster understanding of global issues.

                            How may we help you?

                            Please feel free to contact our Admissions Office if you have any questions.

                            Non-Discrimination Policy
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