Lower School


Our Lower School provides a balanced curriculum that sparks, encourages and challenges children in their learning.  The Lower School’s engaging learning environment promotes a thorough approach to learning that provides children with a wide range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom, promoting their personal, academic, creative and physical development.  Our creative and integrated curriculum reflects a commitment to high standards and is supported by a structured approach to teaching the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

The Lower School also encompasses our Early Years Program (KG0-KG2).  Our program is committed to ensuring that our children embark on their learning journey in an environment that provides inspiring and exciting experiences, and where the strong nurturing atmosphere helps the children feel safe, secure and happy to learn.  The program establishes a strong foundation for the total development of each child through a child-centered and nurturing approach.  As children progress through the Early Years Program, emphasis is placed on the further acquisition of skills and understanding in literacy and numeracy.

In the Lower School, we aspire to provide an education that fosters excellence, inspires creativity, builds character and encourages lifelong learning.