Our Curriculum

ASM’s mission “to foster excellence through critical thinking and creativity; build resilience and character; promote responsible, global citizenship; and encourage lifelong learning” along with our Profile of the Graduate aims are the foundation for our curricular and co-curricular program.

We believe that students learn best when we can educate the whole child by incorporating academic, creative, social and emotional learning domains into our curriculum.  The educational environment we foster is clearly revealed in our Goals, and to achieve these we maintain small student-teacher ratios to maximize opportunities for individualized, differentiated instruction.  We provide a standards-based education for all of our students based on the AERO (American Education Reaches Out) framework and have incorporated character education at all levels and throughout our program.  AERO standards and our Understanding by Design planning methodology assist us in providing a comprehensive, engaging, and student centered program that focuses on developing the whole child.

Our Middle School Years program is unique as it is the bridge between our comprehensive, skill development Lower School program and our very academically driven and content-rich program in the High School.  Although our middle school shares the same campus with elementary and high school, we have been ever-mindful to develop a distinct middle school philosophy and program to meet the needs of students.  Our Middle School Years program is geared towards enlightening young minds while providing a solid base in academic subject content.   Advisory classes in the Middle School help instill our character education program and help support our transitioning learners to become more self-directed in their approach to learning.

Middle School is a time of exploration and growing awareness of self and community. In middle school, students are just starting to know themselves, their friends and the world around them in a deeper and more meaningful way. Accordingly, the middle school program at ASM is designed to guide and support students through this dynamic transitional period.