We offer a wide range of electives for our students at the High School level. Electives meet either 3 times a week. Generally, electives are offered in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Leadership, Business, Physical Education and Test Prep.  Electives allow our students to specialize in one area or another, explore areas of interest that are outside of the core curriculum offering, and to get a taste for specific disciplines before graduation. The following is a list of electives generally on offer for our students:

  • Physical Education
  • Sports Theory
  • Art
  • Service Learning and LS Mentoring
  • AP European History Tutorial
  • AP Human Geography Tutorial
  • AP Psychology Tutorial
  • AP Calculus Tutorial
  • Journalism
  • AP Literature and Composition Tutorial
  • Independent Study
  • PSAT and SAT Prep
  • Arabic Culture
  • Leadership