Students and parents will be able to order lunch daily by phone or by email from the following suppliers:


Supplier Delivery Day Phone Number Email Address Deadline for Ordering Price per Meal (MAD)
Bearzatto Monday 0675 340 522 0614 290 051



Monday 9:00 am


50 MAD

Sandwich Factory  



05 24 43 24 81



Tuesday 9:00 am

Varies with selection
Katsura andBillys




06 13 43 93 77



Wednesday 9:00am


From 50 MAD






0524 49 37 76

0600 00 73 75


Email contact :


Website :



Thursday 9:00am







05 24 44 70 70


Friday 9:00am


50 MAD


To place your order, please contact the provider directly by email or telephone. Orders placed on the day of delivery have to be placed by telephone.


If your child has food allergies, please do not enroll him or her in the program, as we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of the food s/he is allergic to in the dishes they offer.


We hope that the service will address your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.