Helpful Tips on College Applications

Welcome to the College Counseling Page. You will find information, resources, and advice regarding the application process from the College Counseling Team. If you wish to contact us to schedule a meeting please feel free to email us at

Parent Coffee Mornings:

Below are copies of the presentations given during the Parent Coffee Mornings @ ASM.

General University Information.


The process for getting ready for college starts as early as 8th grade. The following document outlines the steps the College Counselling Department feels that students should be undertaking in each grade level.

Getting Ready for College Timeline.

For US applications:

Personal statements should tell a story about what has shaped you (family experiences, failures, successes, beliefs, etc.)  You should be creative and engaging in your essay.  The following prompts are the 2017-18 Common App prompts: Common App questions. 

Many schools also require supplemental essays of varying length.

For UK applications:

For UK personal statement please read through the following resources (available from UCAS) on how to plan out your essay and what admission’s officers seek:

For EU applications:

Most EU schools require a letter of motivation, similar to that required by schools in the UK.  This letter should explain why you are choosing that particular university and degree program.   It should explain:

    • Who you are and what motivates you.
    • Why you are applying to study at that university.
    • What you find interesting about the program and why.
    • What activities/experiences you have achieved that make you proud.
    • Your future goals/plans.

Additional Resources and Important Links

Social Studies and English Degrees & Careers

College Research Templates:

These templates are a helpful tool for keeping track of the universities you research. Please modify it by adding additional columns, as necessary, to keep track of attributes and information that are important to you.

US College Information Template – There are three tabs that include basic information about each school, requirements for admission and student life.

UK/EU College Information Template.

External Websites:

College Board Website -For PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP registration and score checking, important information regarding US applications, and college search tool.

Common App WebsiteFor applications to many colleges in the U.S. Provides tips, best practices and guide to the application process for 700+ member colleges and universities.

TOEFL: To create a TOEFL iBT account and find available test centers, dates and times for this English proficiency test.

FAFSA: Link to Federal Student Aid website.  Filling out the FAFSA is required for American nationals.

UCASFor applications to colleges in the UK, tracking applications, university search tool, and important information about studying in the UK.

IELTS UKVIThis is a visa requirement for the Tier 4 Visa for all non-EU applicants.

IELTS – This is for all other schools, please read through the information first on this page before booking the test.

General Resources:

University directory for UK and EU schools.

Academic CV Template.

Information on applying to the UK and the application process.

Key Dates

September 8, 2017Registration Deadline for October 7, 2017 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
October 5, 2017Registration Deadline for November 4, 2017 SAT Subject Tests
October 7, 2017SAT and SAT Subject Tests @ ASM
October 15, 2017 2018 Entry Deadline for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry (UK applicants)
November 2, 2017Registration Deadline for December 2, 2017 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
November 4, 2017SAT Subject Tests @ ASM
December 4, 2017SAT and SAT Subject Tests @ ASM
January 15, 20182018 Entry Deadline for most Undergraduate Courses (UK applicants)
February 9, 2018Registration Deadline for March 10, 2018 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
March 10, 2018SAT and SAT Subject Tests @ ASM
April 6, 2018Registration Deadline for May 5, 2018 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
May 3, 2018Registration Deadline for June 2, 2018 SAT Subject Tests
May 5, 2018 SAT and SAT Subject Tests @ ASM
June 2, 2018SAT Subject Tests @ ASM
College VisitsDate
John Cabot University09/15/2017
ESSEC 09/26/2017
University Fair – Gulf EDU10/02/2017
Alumni Visit – Political Science Major Student10/26/2017
Hult International Business School11/15/2017
Stony Brook University11/17/2017
Global Study UK Fair11/23/2017
Education City (Qatar) University Fair12/6/2017
Yale Young African Scholar Program 12/22/2017
Study UK University Fair01/15/2018
Alumni Visit – Architecture Major Student01/17/2018
American Universities Abroad02/12/2018
Hult University02/27/2018
Global Study UK Spring Fair03/22/2018
EU Barcelona03/26/2018
John Cabot University03/30/2018
University Fair – Gulf EDU04/02/2018