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Welcome From The division head.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American School of Marrakech. As an educator for twenty years, and as an international school leader and teacher in Egypt for 12 years, I am excited to join the Upper School at ASM. Adolescence is a time of great physical, social, and emotional change but is also a time that also offers a chance for self discovery where they emerge as conscientious young adults.

As a father of three children now enrolled at ASM, I can relate to the hopes and dreams as well as the challenges and struggles parents of adolescent students face these days.

Our children are truly our greatest gift and treasure. Our world sometimes changes faster than we would have ever wanted for our children, and we in the ASM learning community are keenly aware that existing and emerging challenges will require our students to be prepared with resilience, character, and critical thinking skills not only built on the solid foundation that our school’s rich history provides, but which is also flexible and responsive.

Our ASM’s highly trained and dedicated teachers prepare our students for excellence in an array of subjects and skills while knowing that each student is different and has a unique list of talents. Our American diploma program offers students a broad array of subjects in which to develop, while our existing AP and new International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme programs continue to offer students the chance to excel through advanced academic curricula that offer provides them the opportunity to grow not only in what they know, but also in how they think and apply their knowledge to the a multicultural and interconnected world we know they will encounter after graduation.

We want our students to stand on the shoulders of giants, and to reach a bit further than those who came before. Since 1995, ASM has prepared students with a firm foundation from which they can soar beyond the horizon, higher and further than those who came before them. For this purpose, we as parents and educators come together to form a partnership that provides our students with the two greatest gifts we can give to children: one is roots and the other is wings.

We warmly welcome you to ASM and the positive energy and vitality of our Upper School Community!

Bryan Lee
Upper School division head

Education Program

Our secondary school program emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills; the development of trilingual linguistic abilities; and the application of knowledge to new situations, character education, and global awareness. We offer a university preparatory curriculum that challenges students to be responsible and world citizens who think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively in three languages, are known for their characters, and are lifelong learners.

All students are required to take our core curriculum based on the five major academic areas of English, mathematics, science, social studies and foreign languages. This core college preparatory curriculum is enhanced by a variety of elective courses. At the High School level, students are academically challenged with our Advanced Placement courses offered in the major academic areas throughout their sophomore to senior years.

Our program offers students a unique educational experience which offers challenging academic courses, character education, and co-curricular opportunities designed to engage and enrich the specific needs, interests, talents, and aspirations of our student population. Our students are challenged, supported, and nurtured by experienced, qualified educators to achieve their full potential as young adults and future global leaders.

Graduation Requirements

Starting in Grade 9, students begin to accumulate the 28 credits required for graduation. All ASM students are required to have completed at least 40 hours of community service by the end of their senior year at ASM:

Area of Study

Required Credits







Social Studies


World Languages


Physical Education





28 Credits

Advanced placement courses offered at ASM

ASM offers a wide range of advanced placement courses that are College Board audited and approved.  AP courses are university level courses that provide rigorous preparation for  post high school studies.  AP Courses are graded on a scale of 5.  Each year, students register for their AP exams through the school and take the exams in May. Exams come directly from the College Board and are sent back to the States for marking.  Results are available early July of each academic year:

          • AP Calculus 
          • AP Statistics 
          • AP Physics 
          • AP English Language & Literature 
          • AP English Literature 
          • AP French Language & Culture 
          • AP Human Geography 
          • AP European History 
          • AP U.S. Government & Politics
          • AP Computer Science Principles


The Upper School Advisory Curriculum provides regularly scheduled lessons designed to support students’ learning and development in relation to the following essential skills and attributes to enable students’ progression into adult lives:

          • character education
          • social-emotional skills
          • study skills and how to be an effective learner
          • health and well-being (identity, relationships, health)
          • society and the wider world (risk, equality, responsibility)
          • planning and preparing for the future (change, power, future, college and careers)

Students are assigned to an advisory teacher who leads their group in age-appropriate topics of adolescent exploration and development designed to support their growth as global citizens. Advisory time is also used to bring grade levels together in assemblies, which are often student-led. These assemblies focus on a culminating celebration of learning.

College & University Acceptances
Non-Discrimination Policy
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