Service Learning

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mea

The American School of Marrakesh believes in the impact that students can play in their community. The aim of this program is to cultivate students’ individual talents, interests and abilities to enable them to make positive contributions to their society and to engage them in meaningful community service activities that will help them grow into caring and responsible citizens.

We strive to work together with parents to develop children who are dedicated not only to improving themselves, but also to helping others. Opportunities for participation in community service projects are encouraged at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Service Learning at ASM will enable students to:

      • Explore their individual talents, interests and abilities to make positive contributions to society.
      • Develop a sense of social responsibility towards their community.
      • Understand that communities are stronger when its members maintain an active and positive involvement.
      • Help others and make a difference.
      • Share and learn new skills.

Students are required to participate in Service Learning activities during each of their high school years. Younger students will also be given opportunities to contribute to their community in appropriate ways.

Service Learning is a part of each graduating ASM student’s requirements. Please see Graduation Requirements. In addition, each graduating senior will need to have documented Service Learning activities in order to graduate. Starting in Grade 9 each student will be required to accumulate 40 hours of documented Service Learning hours in order to graduate from ASM. It is mandatory that students achieve at least 5 hours as a minimum during each academic year.

Certain activities will be made available to students through ASM, but students are also responsible for creating opportunities and engaging in service learning clubs.  The manner in which Service Learning activities will be documented and approved is shared in a separate document. – all students will be required to sign a list of the Service Learning rules at the beginning of the academic year.

Students identify their interests, skills and talents to be used in considering opportunities for experiences, as well as areas for personal growth and development. Students investigate what they want to do, what the community needs and determine the purpose for their project or experience. They assess the need by designing a survey, conducting interviews, researching through the internet, etc.

Students clarify roles and responsibilities, develop a plan of actions to be taken, identify specified resources and timelines, and acquire any skills as needed to engage in the Service Learning experience.

Students implement their idea or plan. This often requires decision-making and problem-solving. Students may work individually, with partners, or in groups.

Students describe what happened, express feelings, generate ideas, and raise questions. This is vital as it integrates learning and experience with personal growth and awareness. Reflection enables students to consider how the experience skills they are acquiring relate to their own lives and communities. Reflection can occur at any time during the project to further understanding and to assist with revising plans. Reflection can generate new ideas for new actions.

Students make explicit what and how they learned and what they have accomplished, they exhibit it through public presentations, displays, performances, letters to the editors, photo displays, podcasts, class lessons. Through demonstration and communication, students solidify their understanding and evoke response from others.Service Learning Sign-Up Form.

Welcome to the Service Learning Sign-Up Form!

To sign-up for a service learning activity, please access the link below and complete the form. Once you have completed the form, please schedule an appointment with Mr. Aziz Takrimcha to discuss your service learning activity.

Student Sign-Up Form

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