PTO plays a key role in promoting parental involvement in their child’s schooling, building relationships, and bringing the community together for the betterment of the students’ educational experience at ASM. The organization is an example of ASM’s commitment to involve all stakeholders in the school and to enable each and every one of us to contribute to the development of our institution. The PTO is open to all ASM parents. To become a member, please contact one of the PTO members for more information.

PTO Members

The PTO is made up of the following members:

      • President
      • Vice-President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Event Coordinator
      • Lower School Representative
      • Middle School Representative
      • Upper School Representative
      • Head of School Representative

                Priti Paul Kadiri


                Bio →

                Priti earned her undergraduate degree from MIT and advanced degrees from Harvard University and the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Her leadership spans a variety of industries, including beverage, real estate, shipping and logistics, design, as well as philanthropic work creating and running dozens of schools and libraries. Priti is a member of organizations like the Royal Institute of British Architects, Women in Shipping and Trade Association (WISTA), India Committee of American Bureau of Shipping, FICCI Committee of Art and Business of Art, Harvard Club India, and MIT Club India.

                Tamo Radouani


                Bio →

                Tamo is a mother of two and a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a double major in accounting and marketing. She is co-manager of a family company in real estate and a catering business.

                Atika El Idrissi


                Bio →

                After graduating from university, Atika completed many workshops and training in different fields: Administration, Business Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Public Relationship, Ticketing, Tourism, and College Counseling. Before joining ASM, Atika founded her own book store specializing in early childhood. She has held many positions at ASM during her 18 years of service: from Assistant Business Manager to Interim Business Manager to her current role as the Head of School Executive Assistant. Atika is dynamic and a perfectionist at work and at home. She enjoys working closely with ASM students and assisting both parents & teachers.

                Hicham Oumansour

                Event Coordinator

                Bio →

                Hicham holds a BA in Linguistics and has continued his training in Special Educational Needs, Public Relations, Coping with Multilevel Classes and Differentiation in Action. Hicham has a true passion for working with the youngest learners and helping each child progress in all areas of their development.

                Andrena Weir

                Lower School Representative

                Bio →

                Andrena has been teaching Physical Education at The American School of Marrakech for over 15 years, mostly to elementary school children. She has worked around the world as a summer camp counselor as well as a personal coach on cruise lines for celebrities. In addition to PE, her passions are dance, coaching clients, and helping to encourage positive mindsets in the school community. Andrena finds it rewarding to experience cultural differences when traveling from city to city and Marrakech has found a special place in her heart.

                Sean Bell

                Middle School Representative

                Bio →

                Sean was born and raised in southern California. He graduated with a BS, majoring in Pure Mathematics and minoring in history from Cal Poly Pomona University. He has been teaching students math for 3 years and has been a head soccer coach for a volunteer organization and the assistant soccer coach at his previous school. He aims to continue the Moroccan tradition of hospitality by caring for the students, parents, and staff of ASM through his role as a middle school mathematics teacher.

                Nabil Youssef

                Upper School Representative

                Bio →

                Nabil is a mathematics teacher who served as State of New Jersey Certified Supervisor, State of New Jersey Certified Teacher, Former Zoning Board Commissioner, Hudson County Democratic Organization Committeeman, Former City Council Candidate, Former Board of Education Candidate and Community Activist.

                Dr. Casey Asato

                Head of School

                Bio →

                Dr. Casey Asato was appointed Head of School at the American School of Marrakesh starting July 1, 2020. Previously, he has held administrative and teaching positions in Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland, Japan, and Peru. He holds a BSC in Finance, MA in Asian Studies, MA in the Teaching of Social Studies, and an EdD in Professional Educational Practice.

                PTO Activities

                Please check this page later for more information on PTO activities and upcoming events.


                What’s the purpose of ASM’s American-style parent-teacher organization ?

                Since 1897, the Parent Teacher Organization has been a tradition in American schools. Evolving to meet school’s needs, American-style PTOs are a proven way for parents to be involved in school activities that benefit both students and teachers. The tradition includes parents and teachers collaborating to meet the needs of children, as a supplement to the school’s efforts. The purpose of ASM’s American-style Parent Teacher Organization is for parents and teachers to work together to support our children.

                Why should you as a teacher or parent want to participate in ASM’s American-style parent-teacher organization ?

                By participating in ASM’s American-style parent Teacher Organization you will have an opportunity to better our children’s life at school and play a role in their educational experience. You will be able to build relationships with other parents and teachers, foster community, and build bridges between the many cultures represented at ASM.

                What are examples of tasks that ASM’s American-style parent-Teacher Organization performs?

                ASM’s American-style parent Teacher Organization performs tasks including but not limited to:

                1. Fundraise for special projects or needs that benefit kids
                2. Build Community and Organize Events (Book Week, International Fairs, Career Fairs, Science Fairs, Sports Days, Bake Sales, etc.)
                3. Promote cultural integration and understanding
                4. Create Orientation/Mentorship programs for new families and teachers
                5. Volunteer (chaperones for field trips, in-class assistants, extra curricular program assistants, event volunteers)
                6. Form “Clubs” to support extracurricular programs (Sports, Theatre, Music, Model U.N., Dance, ect.)
                7. Assist with Communications (weekly newsletters, student accomplishments)
                8. Sponsor Teacher appreciation efforts
                9. Transportation (carpool coordination)
                10.  Serve as ambassadors for ASM
                11.  Have Fun!

                What are examples of tasks that ASM’s American-style parent-teacher organization does not perform ?

                ASM’s American-style parent Teacher Organization is not involved with operating ASM. American-style PTO does not get involved in academics/curriculum, administration, hiring, teacher and staff evaluations, discipline policy, or financial/budget allocation decisions.

                Am I required to commit a large portion of my time and energy to ASM’s American-style parent-teacher organization ?

                You may spend as much or as little time and energy in ASM’s American-style parent Teacher Organization as you like. We realize that everyone has different schedules and only some will be able to take on leadership roles. However, even volunteering just a couple hours at a school event or fundraising project will greatly benefit ASM and its community of parents, teachers, and students.

                Who can participate in ASM’s parent-teacher organization ?

                All parents, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to participate in ASM’s American-style parent Teacher Organization. A select group of high school students are also invited to participate.

                Is ASM’s parent-teacher organization a separate entity from ASM ?

                No, ASM’s American-style parent Teacher Organization is a part of ASM and works directly with the ASM headmaster and teachers.

                What defines success for ASM’s parent-teacher organization ?

                When our kids have more resources and opportunities owing to collaboration between parents and teachers and a sense of community around ASM.

                Non-Discrimination Policy
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