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ASM has a wide range of documents relating to policies, procedures, governance, enrollment and consent forms, tutorials, supply lists and other learning-related information.  We have arranged the most up to date documents here for ease of access. Please click on the links below to learn more about the purpose of each document.


We believe that cooperation and communication between families and the school strengthen our educational partnership, and are key to the success of our students.
The Student and Parent Handbook is one of the tools we use to improve the flow of information between home and school. It is designed to serve as a guide, explaining the school’s policies, procedures and expectations to all members of the community. It is essential that you read it carefully, as a family, and understand all aspects of our
operation at ASM.

Download Lower School Handbook
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Download Diploma Programme Handbook


Families should submit a completed application to the Admissions Office. The Office will advise families if testing/student interview is needed. All application materials should be submitted to [email protected]. For assistance with your child’s application to ASM, please e-mail us at the aforementioned address or call the Office at +212 (0) 524-329-860/61

Download Contact Information Form
Download Health Form
Download Child Pick-Up Form


At ASM, we use a variety of tools for improved learning and communication.  Here you will find documents and videos that will help you understand and use all of these tools.

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