IB Diploma Admissions Policy

The American School of Marrakesh believes in equitable access to the Diploma Programme for all students. By default, all incoming sophomore students are Diploma Programme students. ASM encourages students, especially those with an overall solid academic performance, to attempt the full diploma programme. The School will guide and support students during their sophomore year to determine which category of the following will likely match their needs and abilities.


Types of Students:

A full diploma student will attempt the full diploma programme by taking one subject from each group, three at the standard level and the remaining three at the higher level in addition to the core (CAS, EE & TOK). The student will sit in for and pass the external IB examinations to earn his/her Diploma.

A course certificate student will not be able to attempt the full diploma programme but will take one or more course certificates. The student will sit in for and pass the external IB examinations to earn his/her course certificate of choice.

A non-examination student will not attempt the full programme nor course certificates. The student will not sit in for IB examinations. The student will earn an ASM American High School Diploma if s/he earned the required credits from ASM. The student will take ASM exams.

Admission Process:

All grade 10 students complete their application to the Diploma Programme indicating their course preferences for the remaining two years of High School. Students will complete their application after consultation with their parents and with their school advisor/counselor.

An Academic Council composed of High School staff and faculty members will be in charge of reviewing applications and advising students. The final decision will be taken by the Academic Council. The Academic Council will conduct a comprehensive review of the student’s performance data from the following:

      • High School end-of-year and semester grades in key core areas: Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.
      • MAP Data (Mathematics, English, and Science).
      •  IBDP Writing Prompt.
      •  Personal Statement.
      • Student Interview.

If a student is approved for the full diploma, s/he will confirm their IBDP Placement and DP Learning Plan in writing. The confirmation letter should also be signed by the student’s parents or legal guardian. All DP students will be required to sign an Academic Integrity Contract during their first week of classes.

ASM will consider applications from external candidates to the two-year Diploma Programme. Applications will be assessed after submission of the required data listed above and after completion of the IBDP Writing Prompt and the Student Interview. The School will consider applications until all spots are filled. External applicants are encouraged to apply early.

Requirements to allow registration in four (4) higher-level subjects:

    •  Having consistently attained a grade letter of A in all of the four chosen subjects. 
    •  Demonstrating solid academic standing in all areas of the curriculum .
    •  Excellent attendance record.
    •  DP Coordinator approval.
    •  Positive recommendation letter from the teacher (4th higher level class teacher).