Character Education

We believe in the individual abilities of every student, and it is our responsibility to help each child to achieve her/his fullest potential. We understand that students learn in different ways and we do our very best to address a variety of learning styles.

While we strongly believe in the academic development of our students, we also place paramount importance on the development of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship, and Perseverance are the ethical values that guide our daily decisions. Our character education program aims at promoting these values within our community to transform the school climate and culture into a learning environment that is safe, positive, nurturing and welcoming.

The character traits are promoted in the school through classroom discussions, positive reinforcement, assemblies, advisory, after-school activities, etc. Character education is also woven into the school’s curriculum through literacy circles, Socratic Seminars, debates, etc.

Trustworthiness We are honest; we do the right thing.
Respect We listen carefully to our teachers and to each other; we use good manners.
Responsibility We work hard and always do our best; we remember our belongings; we take care of our own and other people’s property.
Fairness We raise our hands to speak; we allow other children to learn; we take turns and share.
Caring We are gentle; we are careful with our words and actions.
Citizenship We recycle; we put our garbage in the bin; we follow the rules; we take pride in our school; we make ASM a happy place to be.
Perseverance We try our best; we never give up; we turn our mistakes into learning experiences.  We deal with challenges with a positive attitude and determination; we bounce back even after mistakes or defeat; we try harder when experiences are difficult.
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