PTO Holiday Bazar

PTO Holiday BazarTwo funfilled days for students at ASM.Kids can buy organic treats, flowers, veggies, hot chocolate and Moroccan tea.Pick up re-cycled and up-cycled gifts for your families. Proceeds to benefit jar-jeer, the donkey sanctuary and other deserving local charities. Thank you for your support and see you at the Bazar!

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The World on Your Plate PTO MasterChef Series With Mackenzie Young and student sous-chef Jad Kadiri

Food brings people together…PTO introduced its World on your Plate MasterChef series with amateur chef and self-proclaimed foodie Mackenzie Young who shared her grandma’s recipe of Sukiyaki with parents, teachers and staff. She was aided by student sous-chefs Jad, Hamza, Rayane and Ismael. Everyone really enjoyed Mackenzie’s demonstration and the delicious Sukiyaki and food did indeed bring out community together.

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November’s Career Connections.

November’s Career Connections features Jonathan Stasiak (Senior Engineer, Cloudflare) & Andreas Pirchner (Professor of Creative Programming, Art University of Linz and instructor of Graphic Design, Ortweinschuler in Graz). They shared their expertise via an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) session with ASM students. It was a great opportunity to learn about career possibilities and pathways related to computer science and the arts. Thank you to Jonathan and Andreas for sharing your stories with ASM students!

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