Middle School

At ASM, the Middle School includes Grades 6 to 8.  This is a time of amazing development in our students and sets the foundation for their high school years.  The middle school administration, teachers, and support staff are committed to instilling in our students the work habits and study skills it will take to succeed.  The teaching team in the middle school is a stellar group of educators.  Throughout the year, they will deliver our stimulating curricular program to the students while also being mindful of the character education goals we have set in our mission.

In addition, in the middle school there is a rich and varied list of extra-curricular offerings, sports teams, Student Council, Community Outreach Programs, etc. available to give our students opportunities to be actively involved in school life.  To help with organization and study skills, we are offering a Homework Club three days a week (Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays) in the computer lab. For any questions, please feel free to e-mail the Upper School Principal.